Modernist products Quality Policy
Bringing in different point of views and machines to the filling sector by renewing our products in research and development department in the light of feedbacks coming from our customers and users Total quality management policy courages our endless will to produce and present the perfect quality
Combined Solutions Acceptable Prices
We serve combined solutions to our customers by creating a wide product scale including all necessary machines and equipments needed for a complete filling enterprise We aim to produce high quality products with a high benefit/price ratio and present these cost-effective machines to our customers by following our quality principles and total quality management
Sharing Information After Sales Support
Ekinox follows all the developments within the refill sector in the world then shares its experience, knowledge and innovations with the franchises and workshops to adopt them as powerful and as efficient as possible to the refilling sector Provides persistence of the machine usage and continuity of service by creating rapid solutions to our customers' troubles.
Team Spirit Customer Satisfaction
It has a well-chosen and hardworking staff who are aware that each and every customer is important and working in squad mentality to create an international brand “Ekinox” We are aware of our responsibility since we know that we are being preferred. We follow a strong Work Ethic and that is “customer is always right!” Therefore, we are determind to present rapid and economic solutions at all times.
Social Responsibility Company Policies are...
Our mission is to contribute and save the environment by recycling the printer cartridges back to the companies, increase their efficiency by producing new machines and equipments and support of our economy. ... production – development – improvement – customer satisfaction – environment and human health
and our main Principles are...
... to use effort, time and sources efficiently! to support economy by creating rapid solutions for our customers at all means.