Do you know...


that toner particules are about 0.2 micron ?
that vacuum cleaners can only catch particules sized up to 0.10 micron ?
that hepa filters used in hospitals can only catch particules sized up to 0.5 micron ?
that toner particules hang in the air up to 6 hours ?
that toner powder contains approximately 30 different chemicals ?
that toner powder contains mostly carbon elements ?
that toner powder can cause respiratory system diseases if it is breathed for about 15-20 years time period ?
that color toner powders do not contain magnetic oxide (magnetic raw material) ?
that toner powder contains wax for a brighter output and resin to stick it on the paper ?
that the latest technology in toner powder production provides well shaped and smaller sized particules to get more and quality prints compared with the older traditional production technology ?
that toner powder can be stored for 24 months in a cool and dry place ?
that using a qualified toner in printing provides 5.5 micron toner thickness on paper ?
that excessively filled ink cartridges may have some pressure problems at nozzles and as a result it may cause low quality prints ?
that ink conductivity may decrease because of a dust particule fallen into the ink ?
that Dyb based inks can melt completely inside the fluid of paint raw material ?
that Dyb based inks get dry faster, results more qualified printings but on the other hand less resistant to water and UV rays ?
that pigmented ink get dry slowly on the paper but on the other hand result in better color printings and highly resistant to water and UV rays ?
that ink quality decreases as a result of contact with air for a long period of time ?
that ink is made of approximately 35 different chemicals ?

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  • Canon started out as a business with a handful of workers and a burning passion to be successful.
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