About Inkjet Cartridges

  • Possible problems occuring with ink cartridges are listed below
  1. Color fixing problem (color cartridges)
  2. Sediment or blockage problems (black-color cartridges)
  3. Electronical circuit breakdown (do NOT fill the cartridge at this stage)
  • If you continue on with the printig job when ink is completely gone there may be some deformations at the nozzles becasue ink also does the cooling at the nozzles.
  • 45/15 and 26/29 type cartridges don't have mat (sponge) because of thier different kind of technology
  • Sponge cartridges must get air from the top of the cartridge
  • Inkjet cartridge nozzles must Not be cleaned with alcohol based cleaners because this will cause drying and hence serious blockages will occur.
  • Before filling cartridges they must get completely cleaned and maintained and be ready for filling
  • Before filling color cartridges, be sure that they didn't mix the colors and the colors are clear
  • If there is a color mixing, for instance, if you get green from the yellow part, you should wash it
  • Carefully filled cartridges never spill/drop, if this occurs it means there is a problem
  • If you fill color and black cartridges more than enough it causes striped and corrupted printings
  • Don't mix two different kinds of ink otherwise quality decreases, at this stage empty and wash with solution
  • Before taping the cartridge, heating the cartridge and using a static tape with the heating gun you must and should get a better tape