nox üniversal aparat

Nox Kits
Universal apparatus which are
applicable for all cartridge filling and emptying models.

İnkjet filling apparatus

Cartridge Boxes

inkjet kartuş kutuları

Used for packaging refilled inkjet cartridges
designed in 2 different dimensions
reusable again and again...

Pigmented Ink

Kartuş dolum mürekkepleri
Nox/Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black

Compatible with Hp, Canon, Lexmark Inkjet cartridges

High quality universal pigmented cartridge filling ink



Nox Yellow Solution

Appropriate with inkjet cartridge washing
process and ultrasonic devices

Nox Green Solution

Used for taping inkjet cartridges after filling and cleaning nozzles

Static Blue Nozzle Tape

inkjet kartuş statik mavi bant

Used for taping inkjet cartridge nozzles
after filling

13mm x 100m and 13mm x 200m

Inkjet Labels

kartuş dolum etiketleri

Used for changing the worn-out
Inkjet cartridge labels

90 labels on a A4 paper size page

Inkjet Cartridge Filling Hole Plugs

inkjet kartuş tıpası

Used by 78/23/41...etc.
inkjet cartridges
500 pieces in a package