EX-TN 110 EX-TN 110
EX-TN 110
EX-TN 110


EX- TN 110 Laser Toner Cleaning Machine EX TN 110 1550€

%100 healthy...

Don't inhale toxic toner dust while refilling!
Fee toner cleaning machine

  • With a very strong vacuum effect ,toner dust particulate are sucked creating a better and cleaner environment.
  • Long - life filter (15.000hours) Based on continuous 6 hours daily usage, the filter will last proximately 8 years.
  • This corresponds to around 120.000 toner filling operation.
  • The filter are cleanable cartridge (removable)types which can filter 0,2 micron particulate (as small as cigarette smoke particles)It filter to the DIN EN 60335 standard for Class M specks.
  • They can be easily cleaned with pressurized air.
  • The control panel and body is %100 metal .Electrical insulation conforms to CE standards
  • The fully isolated body for noise reduction at
  • Working base is designed for comfortable work.
  • The pressure air pump is also usable with other suitable hand tools.
  • Waste toner dust is collected in the compartment positioned under the machine for easy access and emptying.
  • The machine can be easily moved on its swiveling wheels.

Technical Faetures

  • Usage areas: During cleaning and filling the toner dust is very dangerous, by vacuuming the toner dust, the filter prevents toner dust entering the atmosphere for clean work environment.
  • Filter: 1 Cartridge filter (VN350).It filter with DIN EN 60335 standard at Class M. The dust filter are cartridge type cleanable. The filter will hold small particulate up to 0,2 microns at %99.98 efficiency. When the filter are dirty, from the main body controll buttons will provide jet pulse action for cleaning.
  • Filter Life: 15.000 hours/Cleanable filter - jut pulse system.
  • Control Panel: Completely enclosed to CE standards full protection from electrical shocks.
  • Sound Level: >75 dB(A)
  • Pressured air: To clean the toner cartridge and filter ,air pump is needed.
  • Dust bucked capacity: 5kg(waste toner dust) When the machine filter ,waste toner dust will be collected in the dust bin for easy carriage and emptying.
  • Engine: O.75 KW/220 V/50Hz. mono phase
  • Metal body: Electrostatic paint
  • Machine size: Width 65cm / Length 45cm / Height 140cm /80 Kg