EX-CR 0510EX-CR 510
EX-CR 510
EX-CR 510
EX-CR 510
EX-CR 0510 Cartridge Filling Machine 1250€
Technical Faetures EX-CR 510

Decharging black and color cartridged from the nozzle with apparatus
Calibration with ink flow with digital indicators

  • Color & Black Filling
  • Special design sensitive needles
  • Vacuum
  • Functional Chrome apparatus Black Filling
  • Functional Chrome apparatus (Black Filling & Vacuum)
  • Calibration according to the values of ink conductivity
  • LCD screen & to precise tracing with Pressure reader
  • Chrome body
  • Full digital fuctions
Technical Faetures
  • Cartridges that filled with chromium apparatus can be filled perfectly thanks to volume adjustment bar which is first on the world
  • Ink level of all (black and color) cartridges with felt, determined with special sensitive needles and cartridges filled as needed and equal level.
  • Machine makes alert sound if the cartrige is clogged hhen filling from the nozzle
  • Speacialy designed sensitive needles
  • Calibration with speacialy designed sensitive needles
  • With specialy designed sensitive needles allows black and color cartridges filling top to the limit
  • Decharging from the nozzlefor allows black and color cartridges from the nozzle
  • Vacuuming the each color seperatly from the color cartridges
  • Color mixed section of the color cartridge can be washed.
  • Easy and functional main body for single key operations and easy to understanding practical
  • 128x64 LCD Graphic screen
  • Fully digital kontrol menu
  • Digital filling quantitiy following
  • Calibration of ink flow lets adjustment for different types of ink
  • Easy reach maintanance
  • When the tanks are emphty ,alert buzzer will come on
  • Changable sizes with ink tanks
  • Ink tanks can be enlarged and changed easily for different types of ink
  • Chrome body and functional cartridge filling disc.
  • Buzzer alert sounds
  • Low energy consumption
  • Micro data following
  • Language choices:English - Turkish
  • Power Supply : 220V 50Hz, (110V or 12V optional)
  • Dimensions :16 kg+/- %6
  • Weight : 32cm x 38cm x39h cm