EX - CR2 M Cartridge Filling Machine2000€
Technical Faetures EX-CR2 M

Useful and strong ink valves
Chromium apparatus that obstructs mixing colors

  • Color & Black Filling
  • Vacuum chamber filling manually
  • Professional powerful vacuum & Manual Vacuum
  • Functional Chrome Vacuum apparatus
  • Precise tracing with Pressure reader
  • Functional Ink Valves
  • Easy shifting ink syringes
  • Chrome body
  • Many cartridge models can be vacuumed powerful from nozzle with functional chromium cartridge apparatus.
  • Single color can be vacuumed from nozzle thanks to hand vacuum.
  • Different cartridges can be vacuumed with any cartridge apparatus thanks to hand vacuum.
  • Instantly starts vacuuming with ready to use tube so no need to centrifuge system.
  • Color cartridges can be balanced with vacuum.
  • Waste ink can be seen in side the vacuum tube.
  • Warning signal when vacuum tube filled with waste ink.
  • Vacuum of cartridge can be followed with vacuum gauge.
  • Easy to use and clear keypad.
  • Vacuum tube can be installed and uninstall easily.
  • Cartridges don’t mix colors while filling in vacuum chamber, thanks to chromium apparatus which is suitable many cartridges.
  • All black and color cartridges with felt can be filled with vacuum chamber.
  • Ink volumes can be adjusted by seeing.
  • Vacuum level adjusted automatically and seen with vacuum gauge.
  • Useful and strong ink valves.
  • Quick changed ink syringes.
  • Practically used vacuum cover.
  • Chromium body, follow operation with sound (buzzer), design for no need to extra device, low energy consumption.
  • Ink tanks can be enlarged and changed easily.
  • Design for easy to maintenance.
  • Power Supply : 220V 50Hz, (110V or 12V optional)
  • Dimensions : 63X40X39(H)
  • Weight : 26,5 Kg +/- %6