EX- 602EX- 602
EX- 602
EX- 602
EX- 602
EX 602 Cartridge Filling Machines700€
Technical Faetures EX 602

Practical filling with specially designed needles

  • Color & Black Filling
  • Special design sensored needles
  • Vacuum
  • LCD screen & micro processor control

Technical Faetures

  • One complete unit for filling
  • Ink tanks are removable
  • Filling of all three colors at needed level till the cartridge is fully filled fuctions
  • The buzzer makes following operation easy
  • Versetile filling for all kinds of ink cartridges
  • Fully digital body lets filling precise
  • Easy use of sensitve needles
  • Automatic testing pumps each time machine turns on
  • Digital indicator will give exact numbers of filling
  • Discharging the tanks and swiching to different ink type is easy with removable tanks
  • When needed exisiting ink can be washed inside the tubes
  • Fully digital body to control the filling
  • Low energy consumption
  • Microdata process
  • 2x16 LCD screen to follow data
  • Voltage : 220V 50Hz, (110V or 12V optional)
  • Sizes . 35x 32 x 32(h)
  • Weight: 6,5 Kg +/- %6